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[star]USING NAUTICAL CHARTS ... How to Read, Use and Interpret Charts, plus segments on Visual Distress Signals, Useful Knots, Aids to Navigation and Handling Emergencies at Sea. Official USCG training footage.
Order item #D201....$29.95 List of Chapters
[star]COASTAL PILOTING ... Equivalent to a 6-week USPS or USCG Aux. evening course. Compass Correcting (T-V-M-D-C), Bow Bearings, Running Fixes, Dead Reckoning, Speed-Time-Distance, Current Diagrams and much more. Everything you need to know for navigating within sight of land.
Order item #D301....$29.95 List of Chapters
[star] CELESTIAL NAVIGATION FOR THE COMPLETE IDIOT ... A plain English explanation that any half-literate boat nerd can understand. Includes review of coastal piloting techniques and comparison to Celestial Navigation, w/Nautical Almanac, more. Covers theory and applications.
Order item #D359....$29.95 List of Chapters
[star]CELESTIAL NAVIGATION & Sextant Instruction for the Sun Noonshot ... Two complete 1-hour lectures. #1:Theory and using the Nautical Almanac; #2: Sextant Use and a complete step-by-step Sun Noonshot. [If you want to use the Moon, Stars and Planets at night... get #D203, below]
Order item #D303....$29.95      SUN NOON-SHOT WORKSHEET List of Chapters
[star]CELESTIAL NAVIGATION - The Air Almanac (H.O. 249) ... After #D303, this program goes on to show how to shoot the 57 Navigational Stars, 4 Planets and Moon. Navigate day or night. Official USN training footage.
Order item #D203....$29.95 List of Chapters
[star]IDENTIFYING STARS & PLANETS ... It's not hard to recognize the Sun or Moon, but to practice Celestial Navigation properly, you must be able to identify the Stars and Planets too. This program will teach how to do that: it was produced by a world class solo circumnavigator and two former instructors at the U.S. Navy's Surface Warfare Officer School. 50 minutes
#672 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]Wm. F. Buckley Jr.'s Celestial Navigation Simplified
Join this world-renowned personality for a most unique program on celestial navigation. Mr. Buckley simply and clearly explains the theory and practice of Celestial Navigation and teaches the noon shot. Using computer graphics, he illuminates the finer points of GP (Geographical Position), GHA and GMT. 39 min.
#204: More Details & Ordering Info
[star]OFFSHORE CRUISING GUIDE... How to prepare you and your vessel for extended ocean crossing. Demonstrations of survival suit, desalinazation, and much more. Features world class solo circumnavigatior Dan Byrne. 2 hours.
Order item #D304....$29.95 List of Chapters
[star]USING SINGLE SIDEBAND RADIO (SSB) w/Gordon West ... The most valuable marine communication device, no boater should go offshore without it. Gordon (electronics author for 17 boating and Sailing magazines) shows everything you need to know, from installation to signal propagation.
Order item #D708 ...$29.95 List of Chapters
[star]THE COAST GUARD LICENSE ... This program can help you to obtain the internationally recognized U.S. Coast Guard License. This program covers the essentials of the license test, advanced piloting and the complete rules of the road needed for the examination. Also, additional sections of the test from firefighting to basic seamanship, rules of the road, arc & visibility of lights, lights and dayshapes, right of way, navigation, tides, seamanship, fixes and bearings, set and drift, lateral buoyage system, test tips and much more. 55 min.
#N394 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]RULES OF THE ROAD & AIDS TO NAVIGATION... Contains 2 Programs that cover 38 United States Coast Guard Navigation Rules and Regulations, which have been developed for both inland and international waters. Not only will you learn what the rules are, but how to apply, understand and operate your vessel under any condition of visibility. 95 min.
#N3775 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]HANDLING & ANCHORING YOUR BOAT ...For single and twin screw power or sail. Covers all aspects of boat handling, docklines-how to run them and tie them, docking and undocking, effect of wind and currents, steering, "walking" the boat and maneuvering with no engine. The anchoring section will de-mystify the whole subject and show you types of anchors, how to select them, chain and line rode, selecting an anchorage, setting the anchor, dragging surge, retrieval and stowing. This DVD also has a section on man-overboard featuring the new lifesling. 75 min.
#H392 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]HEAVY WEATHER POWER BOATING...Learn how to be prepared for bad weather before going out there - and how to deal with it if you're ever confronted at sea. How to avoid bad weather whenever possible, and how to handle and maneuver your boat under adverse conditions, when it really gets "sloppy" out there.
#N455 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]TWIN SCREW BOAT HANDLING ... Learn to handle your twin screw powerboat like a pro and spend less time making a fool out of yourself while docking. This DVD can be a marriage saver too. Also covers the situation of one engine quitting. 60 minutes
#H361 More Details & Ordering Info

[star]LEARN TO SAIL & Get That Extra Knot ... Peter Isler (Dennis Conner's America's Cup tactition) and other great sailors show the beginning sailor how to get to the intermediate level.
Order item #D300....$29.95 More Details
[star]IMPROVE YOUR SAILING SKILLS ... Information needed to help the novice become an expert. Segments on Spinnaker, Sail Trim, Reefing, Draft Control, Anchoring, Tacking & Jibing, Safety and more.
#385 More Details & Ordering Info
[star]SAILING IN HEAVY WEATHER... Go offshore aboard a 40 foot sailboat for an exciting look at heavy weather sailing techniques and tactics. Join Steve Dashew and other top sailors as they talk about steering in heavy seas and much more.
#Y379: More Details & Ordering Info ....$39.95

[star]BOAT MAINTENANCE (For Power & Sail Boats) ... Pays for itself the first time you use it to fix the marine head that your idiotic boatguest stuffs up, or the worn out impeller or diaphragm water pump and more. 96 min.
Order item #D299....$29.95 List of Chapters

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